Intensivo Somática
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This workshop is an introduction to somatics when there´s the will of getting connected to the body, to organic thinking and wellbeing. It is thought for groups of different ages, organizations and other special needs. It brings the attention to the body and it process´s to improve bodymind integration and daily balance. The learning way is experiential and some tools can be repeated at home.


1 - Day workshop:
Morning: Internal and external balance. Journey from the superficial fascia into the deepest fascia layers and the organs. I use images, experiential anatomy and movement exercises.
Afternoon: Guidance, Development and Organization. We do an evolutive path, followed by a creative experience based on the body-mind and heart centres. To close, we do a nice exercise of perception by couples.

1 Week workshop:
1st day- Introduction to somatics in history, External balance: gravitational forces and tensile forces present in biotensegrity, create an easy posture and movement options. The focus is the skeletal system, the muscles, the joints and the fascia.
2nd day- Internal Balance: it´s about homeodynamics and all regulating process´s inside the body like breathing, digestion, etc. It brings awareness of the inner impulses, weight and depth.
3rd day- Development: we look at embryogenesis and the movement patterns of mammals and humans that build up from the uterus and through baby life to reach the complexity of contralateral moves and walking.
4th day- Guidance: we work with sensory motor cycles, senses and nervous centres in the body, present in observation, participation and decision making.
5th day-  Organization: The focus is on the organizational levels in the body of the micro levels to the systemic level and further into social situations. We'll also work with axes, planes and close in the group.
- Open room with comfortable floor made of wood, dance floor or mat (no flagstones) and room enough for everyone to lie down.

- Sound equipment

-Blankets for cold spaces